To all our volunteers and supporters:

The staff and volunteers at the Westside Democratic HQ became a family. We spent hours together, putting our hearts and souls into the campaign. We can’t thank you all enough for the time, commitment, and dedication you gave.

Although we are all deeply saddened by the results of the Presidential election, we can be proud that together we became the number #1 GOTV staging location in California, and likely one of the top performing campaign offices in the country. Our efforts in Nevada definitely paid off, as Hillary decisively won that state and Catherine Cortez Masto was elected to the U.S. Senate -- the first Latina Senator....

But we never had a chance to say goodbye to each other, to swap phone numbers, and to plan for the future. So we've decided to hold a Potluck Thank-You Party for our volunteers this Saturday, at HQ, starting at 6 pm. We invite all of you to come. Bring food, soft drinks, wine or beer.

As to the future, we have decided to stop agonizing and start organizing for the midterms and to shine a light on the most progressive Democratic platform in years. We will not slink into the background. We will do whatever it takes to protect our rights, our values, and our country. And so we have decided to form the Westside Democratic Action Committee — starting this Saturday.

Hope to see you all there.

Melissa Grant

President, Pacific Palisades Democratic Club

Sr. Mgr., Westside Democratic Headquarters



The Westside Democratic Headquarters is set up and managed every Presidential election year by the Pacific Palisades Democratic Club, in partnership with the West L.A. Democratic Club, Santa Monica Democratic Club, and other entities including Democratic candidates for local and state offices and/or their supporters, as well as progressive groups advocating for initiatives on the ballot in November.


About the Pacific Palisades Dem Club

The Pacific Palisades Democratic Club is one of the largest and most influential in California. Our 2012 Westside Democratic Headquarters campaign office on the Third St. Promenade shared space with the Obama campaign and was among the most successful election phone banking centers in the state.

The HQ organized and hosted over a thousand volunteers … was visited by numerous national and local elected officials and Obama campaign VIPs including Obama senior advisor Valerie Jarrett … and contributed to a wave of local, state, and national Democratic victories in November.

Our members are committed to advancing a progressive agenda through grassroots lobbying of state and federal officials. We are proud of our mission to fight for campaign finance reform, election protection, and universal single-payer healthcare, among many other key initiatives, and to elect Democrats who share our vision of a more fair and more progressive world.

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About the West LA Democratic Club

The West LA Democratic Club is the official Democratic organization for the West LA region. Our organization meets monthly to plan, organize and discuss Democratic politics. We are a grassroots force behind political campaigns and initiatives. Our members include everyone from local citizens to members of Congress and local city government.

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About the Santa Monica Democratic Club

Santa Monica Democratic Club is dedicated to furthering the political goals and aspirations of the people of Santa Monica and the community. Our goals are to:

  • To educate Club members and the general public as to issues and candidates of interest to the Club.

  • To act to further the adoption of the Club position on issues of importance to the community, the state or the nation.

  • To elect registered Democrats in partisan and non-partisan elections, whose views most closely correspond to those of the Club.

  • To promote accountability to the community on the part of elected officials.

  • To open the democratic process to all citizens on the basis of equality, regardless of race, creed, gender, sexual preference or age.

  • To pursue progressive values within the Democratic Party and within our community.

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