Postcard with the HQ!

Welcome to our Postcarding!
Current Campaigns:

WI – Vote By Mail – Encouraging WI voters to Register

WI – 01 – Register and Vote Democrat

Pro-Choice Arizona: Support Senator Mark Kelly

Pro Choice in Support of Chris Deluzio PA-17

Woman Rights – Women in NV-01

Woman Rights – Woman in PA-PA 17

Flip Valado CA -22

Vote out Lauren Boebert

Arizona and Pennsylvania coming soon!


We’ll supply addresses, cards, and stamps (or you can help us out by providing your own stamps). 

Register for postcards HERE!

Each postcard costs around 45¢. We are asking you to help us fund this effort:
$10 = 22 postcards. $25 = 55 postcards. $50 = 110; $100 = 220; $250 = 555; $500 = 1,111 and $1,000 = 2,222 postcards!!
Any amount will be appreciated! Help us to reach our goal of $2,500 to get these postcards out!
We can do this!
Donate to our Adopt-a-Traitor’s District Postcarding Campaign
To write postcards to help register voters in these flippable districts
It’s easy! We will provide you with postcards, scripts, addresses, and (if needed) stamps, so that you can write and mail postcards to voters from your own home!