Welcome to the Westside Democratic Headquarters!


Coming together is our strength

The Westside Dem HQ is a consortium of Los Angeles Democratic clubs and advocacy orgs pooling resources to run Get Out the Vote (GOTV) operations year-round. Most activities are currently Zoom-based, but watch this space:

THIS SUMMER, WE PLAN TO OPEN A PHYSICAL ELECTION HQ IN SANTA MONICA to give energized volunteers a fantastic, fun, professional-level GOTV place to meet up in person!

Not only will you be able to call, text, or postcard in person … or hop a ride to Nevada to help swing our neighbor state blue … you can also attend

Debate watch parties

THURSDAY, JUNE 27, 6 PM: First Presidential debate
Group watching and emotional support! CLICK HERE TO RSVP

Special events with entertainment
Educational sessions about ballot measures
Candidate meet-and-greets
A where-else-could-you-find-this collection of political merch for sale
and more!

We’ll bring you updates as we approach our anticipated opening in August

WDHQs (a little history here) give >you< power and influence over tight elections across the country. Together we can reach millions of voters who might not otherwise vote
as blue as we do!

They CAN’T stop us when we work together. We’ve done it before and we can — and must — do it again

A handful of races will determine control of the Senate and several House races here in Southern California will determine control of the House

and we can’t let people forget President Biden’s HISTORIC accomplishments as we make the case for four more years. Here’s a great website for ammo on what having a Democratic president has meant for the country:


Zoom phone banks with the Democratic National Committee

CLICK HERE to phonebank with the DNC to flip the House and hold the Senate

We reach out to swing-state voters and districts about Democratic candidates, voter registration, and vote by mail

 Each campaign hosts its own texting event using third-party apps that enable you to text using your computer or tablet — your phone is not used. So when you sign up be sure to follow their prompts and instructions. A lot of campaigns use Zoom to train and Slack to communicate with textbankers

Join our Facebook group to find the latest texting opportunities!

CLICK HERE to write postcards to voters and register new voters!

Show your support for Democracy with buttons, shirts, masks, and more!

FREE SHIPPING with our link:
NEW Ukraine merchandise — for every purchase of a Ukraine design up to 50% will be donated to United Nations (U.N.) World Food Programme for aid to the Ukrainian people