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Phone to Swing Nevada Blue!

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West LA Democratic Club is Calling Nevada!
West LA Democratic Club is GOING to Nevada!

Help Hillary Clinton in a vital swing state and turn the US Senate Blue with Catherine Cortez Masto, who’s running for Harry Reid’s seat as he retires.

Call Nevada on Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons from our NEW HQ!! 1627 Montana Avenue (at 17th) in Santa Monica.

Working with the Nevada Democratic Party, we called nearly 2 ,000 people! Thanks so much to those of you who joined us. Our goal is to double that this week, so come on out!

It’s fun — we’re having great conversations with the folks in Nevada. It’s clear they understand their unique position as voters in a “purple state,” and were very receptive to our message. They want Hillary to win, and they want their new US Senator be a Democrat!

All calls will be made from our new Headquarters:
1627 Montana Ave., Santa Monica (corner Montana & 17th)

* Thursdays 6 t0 8:30PM

* Sundays noon to 6 PM

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Questions? Comments? Marc Saltzberg, or Marianne Tyler

We plan to continue phone banks at Headquarters every week from now through the election.  AND, when it’s a bit cooler, we’ll begin organizing our trips to Las Vegas.  Let us know you’re interested HERE.

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