HQ History





These HQs train and equip thousands of volunteers to make calls and texts to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) in swing states for national races, and in California for local ones … host candidates and ballot proposition forums … feature debate-watch and other parties and events … charter trips to Las Vegas for voter registration and canvassing … and provide a gathering place for anyone who wants to make a difference and help Democrats win.

** A reverse chronology **


2024 Presidential election year:
Santa Monica location & date TBA!


2022 midterms & 2020 Presidential:
Covid kept us online but we sure worked hard


2018 midterms (the start of something new):
Blue Wave Midterms HQ in Westwood

2016 Presidential: Our WDHQ on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica was a huge success on several fronts



2012 Presidential: Third St. Promenade HQ


Barack Obama and Joe Biden were re-elected. Henry Waxman, Fran Pavley, and Julia Brownley were victorious.

Proposition 30 was passed and Prop 32 defeated. And the results on seven other state ballot measures were in line with our endorsements.

Over a thousand volunteers came together at our Westside Democratic Headquarters on the Third St. Promenade to make it all happen. We registered more than 1200 new voters, made around  a million calls, and organized swing-state trips.

The HQ was visited by Valerie Jarrett, senior advisor to President Obama (pictured above, along with HQ co-manager Gary Bettman on the right). Others from the national campaign followed, to observe and to thank us for our efforts. We also played host to inspirational speeches and appearances by too many elected officials and dignitaries to list — Henry Waxman, Richard Bloom, Eric Garcetti, and Wendy Greuel among them.


2008: our election headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. in Santa Monica expanded to house the Obama campaign and become one of the top-performing Obama/Biden headquarters in the country